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Click Here To Read My T-Rex Helicopter Reviews

Click Below To Read My CopterX 500 With Agusta 109 Scale Fuselage Review

CopterX 500 With Agusta 109 Scale Fuselage Review

My CopterX 450 (Clone T-Rex 450) With The Align  EC-135 Scale Fuselage

Click Here To Read My Review On The  EC-135 Scale Fuselage For The T-Rex 450

Thank you for visiting my T-Rex website. I'm the proud owner of a T-Rex 250, CopterX 450 (Clone T-Rex 450) and T-Rex 600CF R/C helicopter. I was so impressed by my T-Rex helicopters that I decided to start my own T-Rex R/C helicopter website to share my experience and knowledge with everyone out there interested in Align T-Rex helicopters.

Have a look at my review page. As time go on, I will update my review pages to give you as much possible information regarding T-Rex helicopters and products. I hope this will  be helpful...


RC Helicopter Tips & Setup e-Guide

120/140 Swashplate Setup e-Guide
I came across this excellent R/C helicopter e-book. You will find this e-book very helpful. All tips included in this book can be applied to any collective pitch helicopter. 

Illustrations and advice, tips and settings, basically everything the factory manual failed to provide plus much more. Blade 400, T-Rex 450, or any other quality collective pitch helicopter, electric or nitro, it doesn't matter - this RC helicopter tips e-guide/book will help.

From the smallest micro electrics to the largest turbines, if your helicopter has a
120 or 140 CCPM swashplate and you are intimidated by the setup process, this e-book
will answer all your questions, and perhaps several others you didn't even know about.

If you wish to learn more about what's inside this latest e-Book of John Salt, just click on
the image of the book.
Click Here To Buy The RC Helicopter Tips & Setup e-Guide

Order Now ONLY $14.95

Click Here To Buy The 120/140 CCPM Swashplate Setup e-Guide

Order Now ONLY $9.95


For South African citizens only. Hobby Distributors are the assigned Align Helicopter and Product distributor for South Africa. Click Here to make an enquiry for the best price on any T-Rex helicopter and product in South Africa.


I'm using the Phoenix R/C Pro Flight Simulator. It is simply the best investment.

Align T-Rex 600E Flybarless Pro Helicopter




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